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Most of the time your tongue does a good job of avoiding incidental contact with the biting surfaces of your teeth. At most you might accidentally nip the edge of your tongue while chewing gum or eating a quick meal.

However, there are some rare instances where an individual has hit their head or chin with enough force that it causes them to bite down hard on their tongue. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you may need to apply some basic first aid while seeking professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Dan Clagett.

Blood in the mouth can be gently rinsed away with a little lukewarm saltwater. If you have blood on your lips, chin or face it can be gently wiped away with a wet washcloth.

If your tongue continues to bleed you might be able to wrap it in a few layers of sterile gauze while applying light pressure by pressing it to the roof of your mouth.

Gently rubbing some topical oral analgesic or consuming a single standard dose of an over the counter medication might help reduce discomfort while you await treatment at Clagett Cosmetic and Family Dentistry.

We can then assess the severity of the injury to determine the most effective treatment plan.

If you are in the Elizabethtown, Kentucky, area and you or someone near you has just suffered a significant tongue injury, you should call 270-769-3306 to seek emergency treatment with Dr. Dan Clagett