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If you are looking to achieve a beautiful smile for the holidays, you may be thinking of teeth whitening or dental veneers. Another important step is to keep your smile in good shape by not neglecting your oral health care habits. Inconsistent oral hygiene can show in your smile. As dull, discolored teeth, reddened gums, and bad breath.

By following these important dental care tips, you can enhance the appearance of your smile for the holidays and beyond!

– Eat lots of healthy foods in place of the sugary and sticky holiday snacks (caramel, taffy, hard candy, etc).

– Avoid cross contamination by not sharing your toothbrush with anyone else or storing it close to another toothbrush.

– Choose a toothbrush that can easily fit in your mouth to brush every surface of your gums and teeth.

– The ADA Seal of Acceptance can tell you which dental products are most effective and safe for your smile.

– Brush twice a day for two minutes at a time, and floss at least once before or after.

– Replace your toothbrush if it’s looking worn or if you’ve had it for longer than four months.

– Receive dental checkups from Dr. Dan Clagett or Dr. Milby every six months or sooner.

Ask our dentist at Clagett Cosmetic and Family Dentistry for additional oral health care habits by contacting our office at 270-769-3306 today. We would be delighted to help you boost your holiday with proper dental care in Elizabethtown, Kentucky!