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Unless you have a tooth that is severely or visibly cracked, you may not even know that have an issue. In many cases, a crack in your tooth can be so small as to be invisible, and it might not even show up in a dental x-ray. This is commonly referred to as “Cracked Tooth Syndrome”.

A cracked tooth can be caused by trauma to your mouth. However, tooth grinding and worn enamel can also be factors. If you have had a great deal of work on a tooth or it has a large filling, it may be vulnerable to cracking.

Unless you have received some sort of trauma to your mouth, it may not have even occurred to you that you have a cracked tooth. Signs that you have a cracked tooth may be brief pain when biting or chewing, intermittent pain; or pain or sensitivity when you eat or drink. To help the dentist diagnose the problem, make a note of when the pain occurred, what you were doing and the spot in your mouth where you felt the pain. Make sure to let the dentist know if you were eating or drinking something at the time.

Depending on the severity situation, treatment may involve using a filling, placing a crown over the tooth, or even a root canal. If the damage is too severe, the dentist may have to extract the tooth and discuss replacement options with you during a later appointment.

If you are experiencing pain or sensitivity in your teeth, even if it is not severe and is only very brief, you should see Dr. Dan Clagett. If you live in the Elizabethtown, Kentucky, area, call 270-769-3306 to make an appointment at Clagett Cosmetic and Family Dentistry today. We look forward to seeing you with a bright and healthy smile!