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Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is an oral health disorder characterized by bitter and pungent odors coming from someone’s mouth, often as the result of bacterial contamination or infection. For more information, look below at some of the major contributors to bad breath:

– Bad breath may have many causes, but it can frequently be treated or temporarily relieved with the use of mouthwash.

– Underlying diseases such as periodontal disease, more regularly referred to as gum disease, could be the cause of your bad breath.

– Bad oral hygiene in your mouth, especially high levels of plaque buildup, can transform into bad breath.

– Some underlying diseases can contribute to bad breath, including respiratory tract infections, and liver and kidney problems.

– As you age, various dental services that are not maintained can cause bad breath, including dentures that must be washed and soaked in a cleaning solution every day.

– Bad breath is frequently caused by deficient oral hygiene habits.

– Various medications can create bad breath as a symptom.

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