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Dry mouth is a commonly occurring dental condition that affects many patients, and if you are one of them, our team at Clagett Cosmetic and Family Dentistry can help you manage your discomfort. Our dentist offers many resources to diagnose and then treat dry mouth and its symptoms.

First, we can help you determine what is causing your dry mouth, and some of the causes could be:

– Dehydration: Your mouth may feel dry if you don’t stay hydrated.

– Exercise: Being active may cause you to mostly inhale through your mouth, which can dry out your mouth.

– Tobacco use: Tobacco products can lead to dry mouth when they decrease the flow of saliva and destroy the antibodies that fight against cavities.

– Alcohol: Drinking alcohol or using a mouthwash with alcohol can irritate and dry out your mouth.

– Illegal drugs: Using drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and amphetamines leave your mouth more vulnerable to feeling dry and developing tooth decay.

Once you know what causes dry mouth, you can work with Dr. Dan Clagett to improve the condition. We invite you to begin taking the following steps to treat dry mouth now:

– Increase your water intake.

– Maintain a proper oral hygiene routine by brushing, flossing, and rinsing every day.

– Eat a balanced diet regularly.

– Avoid drinks that contain carbonation, caffeine, or alcohol.

– Don’t use tobacco products.

– Keep overly salty foods out of your diet.

– Don’t take any illegal drugs.

– Ask the dentist about using an artificial saliva, which you can find at most pharmacies.

– Visit Clagett Cosmetic and Family Dentistry every six months.

To learn more about dry mouth treatment in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, contact Clagett Cosmetic and Family Dentistry at 270-769-3306 today and schedule a consultation with our dentist.