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Did you know that dental crowns are safe for adults and children alike? Dental crowns are tooth restoration treatments that are designed to not only dramatically enhance the look of your teeth but can also provide an additional layer of support. A dental crown is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that is directly applied over the top of a damaged tooth. Dental crowns can even be applied to implants.

If you have previous restorations in place, such as bridges or root canals, a dental crown can be used. In situations where you need to hold together a filling or tooth, but not enough tooth remains, a dental crown can hold both together. Dental crowns can even bind together bits of broken teeth that have shattered into pieces. If you have any issues with teeth that need to be extracted due to extreme damage, a dental crown may be able to save the tooth. Because dental crowns are safe for all ages, they can be placed on children who are at a high risk for tooth decay. Furthermore, dental crowns are tooth-colored in appearance, so they can blend in with your other healthy teeth.

It’s never too late for a dental crown treatment from Clagett Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. Enhancing your smile is as easy as picking up your phone and dialing 270-769-3306 to schedule a dental crown assessment with Dr. Dan Clagett and our team at our dental office in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.